About Me

 Roxana    Roxana is a professional photographer originally from Eastern Europe who knows splendor when she sees it, even in the unremarkable. Her passion for photography was kindled by her grandfather, a World War II photojournalist who shared black and white portraits of soldiers with her in her earliest childhood. After beginning a brilliant career as a stage and show artistic fashion designer, she began taking her own photos of the events she staged to truly capture the live, on-stage majesty of her designs. Surprised by the popularity of her photos and spurred on by her friends and professional associates, Roxana added professional photography to her career profile. Turning her face toward San Francisco, she added a second University degree, studying photography to solidify her competency and credentials. Roxana Tocareva Photography is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and provides services throughout the United States including Hawaii. You can hire Roxana for weddings (she loves the energy and the excitement of weddings!), baby showers and any other events as long as for personal sessions for glamor, family, senior, individual or business portraits. Roxana knows that creativity is inspiration and that rules for the "right" way are made to be broken. She brings her vision and personality into synchronicity with yours to achieve the photos of your dreams. 

   Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or photography services you need.

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